About Africa Genesis Archery South Africa


AGA-SA is registered in terms of the Companies Act as a Non-Profit Company, registration
number 2009/005681/08 and in terms of the Income Tax Act as a Public Benefit Organisation,
registration number PBO 930 034 694.

with its own assets and liabilities;
that stands totally independent of its members and continue to exist
Identified by a particular name.
Governed by the Companies Act.
Do not strive after financial gain for its members

Africa Genesis Archery South Africa NPC (AGA-SA) was previously known as The National
Archery in the Schools Programme-SA NPC (NASP®-SA). AGA-SA is affiliated to the international
body governing the sport in southern Africa namely The Africa Genesis Archery Federation or

The NASP®-SA programme used to focus on presenting the NASP® style archery to school
attending learners from Grade 4 to 12. Due to the popularity of the NASP® style archery the
programme was extended to also include adult archers. This led to the establishment of the
Adult Archery Generation (AAG) to accommodate senior archers who wishes to enjoy the
NASP® style of archery. AGA-SA also extended the sport to include Grade 2 and 3 learners in a
separate category namely the Cubs.

The former NASP®-SA could not adhere to the requirements of the governing body in the USA
namely NASP® Inc's, that only schools presenting NASP® as part of their in-school curriculum
and present NASP® as a subject for a minimum of 10 hours per annum to all learners during the
school period are allowed to use the name National Archery in the Schools Programme. Therefor
the previous NASP®-SA was requested to change our name. Although our name changed to
Africa Genesis Archery South Africa, we still present the same NASP® style archery. NASP® Inc
also confirmed their commitment to keep supporting AGA-SA the way they did in the past. The
only change is the name.


AGA-SA has 5,000 archers, cubs, juniors and seniors participating and enjoying Genesis


The Mission of AGA-SA is to establish the enjoyment of participating in Genesis Archery as a
non-contact sport in South Africa. Mass participation and sport excellence are promoted amongst
cubs, junior and senior archers in South Africa.

All aspects of archery are established in a proper, healthy and responsible manner. The following
are presented through leadership, funding, equipment and structures:

  • Exposure to Genesis Archery as a sport for cubs, junior as well as senior archers;
  • Genesis Archery to all clubs and schools, especially in the less privileged and remote areas
    of South Africa.
  • Projects focused on the provision of equipment and infrastructure to promote AGA-SA on
    local, district, provincial and national levels.
  • Projects focused on recruiting and training AGA Instructors.
  • AGA activities including competitions and championships on local, district, provincial,
    national as well as international levels
  • Programmes to increase the cubs', juniors' and seniors' involvement in AGA as an archery
    sport for the entire family